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Remember . . .

Mark Kawabe - Monday, November 11, 2013

What would remembrance look like to you if you knew the conditions that led to the major (and minor) wars humanity has experienced still widely exist today?

In my opinion, remembrance is most beneficial if people take time as well to reflect upon how they can alleviate the conditions that lead to conflict between people. This means within one's self, relationships, community, country and abroad.

If we should fail to act during this time of relative peace and prosperity, the sacrifices made by those who have fought will be in vain. Wearing a poppy is only a token of remembrance. From my perspective, alleviating conflict everywhere by addressing its root causes is the most beneficial way to truly honour those who have fought because doing so will ensure the end of all wars.

When we can collectively agree it is more beneficial to help each other and not cause harm and then act in ways appropriate with that belief to make powerful, fundamental, beneficial changes in all people's lives, those who have fought will be able to rest in peace.

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